OdooSchool Management System 

...to help your school run better

Matt O’Bell Ltd has developed OdooSchool a comprehensive School Management System for School Administrators and Proprietors to benefit from a fully flexible, customizable and affordable software based on Odoo ERP, which is used by over 2 million people in over 120 countries.

This system will be able to help educational establishments manage all their students’ data and their business processes including non-academic related activities. Plus it includes productivity tools for managing their school’s day to day operations.

What can OdooSchool do for you?


Easily admit and approve new pupils and assign their parents to their records.
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Attendance Management

Generate the attendance register and record daily attendance.
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Subject Management

Manage unlimited number of subjects and assign subjects to teacher.
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Staff Management

Manage your entire HR process; Recruiting, Appraisal, Leave Management and Loan Management.
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School Sections

Create unlimited sections, classes and arms, such as JSS, SSS.
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School Calendar

Manage your School's calendar. Easily add information on each term & create holiday types. 
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Lecture Notes

Parents can be given access to download the lecture notes of their children.
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Time-table Management

Automated time-table management system. Now you don't need to deploy resources to create a manual one. Find out more

Assignment Management

Post assignments online and encourage parents to communite with teachers.
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Assessment Management

Create unlimited Assessements & Assessement formats.
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Grading Management

Create unlimited grade types and set minimum grade criteria.
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Promotion Management

Promote pupils from one class to another who have met the mimium grade criteria.
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Results Management

 Easily generate computerized results sheets that can be emailed to your pupil's parents.
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Fee Management

Enjoy the flexibility of billing parents per term or annually and create fee structures.
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Library Management

Track the inventory of books in the library and create unlimited library cards.
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Boarding House Management

Manage your Boarding House with Odoo. Easily assign students to their rooms.
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